Pianos for sale

Bentley 6 Oct Upright piano

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Bentley fall open.jpg
Bentley 6 octave piano dating from the 1960's
This is an ideal piano where space is an issue. A quality made English piano with lovely touch and tone that would rival a much larger instrument. 
Price £895

Bell upright piano

Bell pianos were made in Guelph, south western Ontario Canada. This is a nice compact piano with good tone and easy touch. A good quality starter piano for any budding pianist.
Price £795

Yamaha U3 Upright piano

The Yamaha U3 is a classic design. An impressive soundboard and acoustic chamber make the U3 an imposing instrument for any ensemble. The unmistakeable tonal quality and expressive contrast the U3 is capable of, make this piano an absolute must for the serious musician. This particular piano dates from the 1970's. 
Price £2995