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Pianos for sale

Bentley Compact 85C

Bentley 85c in mahogany satin finish
Classic british piano of the 1980's ideal piano for the budding pianist
Price £495

Montague Upright Piano

Montague Piano
A good quality piano with excellent tone and touch, recently returned as it's previous owner acquired a grand piano. 
Price £795

Aeolian Upright Piano

Aeolian piano that has had a full action re-build and also the keyboard has been recovered. The Aeolian company from Connecticut started making harmoniums and later pianolas. They are classic pianos from the inter war period, producing excellent tone and touch.
Price £1495

Knight K10 Upright Piano

Knight K10 in Mahogany satin finish
This is the ultimate in quality british pianos, with a tone and touch to match.
Price £1895
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