How much does it cost to have my piano tuned?

My basic fee is £50.00 This includes minor adjustments to the action, keys and pedals. If the pitch is low and you would like me to raise it to concert pitch A440, this can sometimes mean tuning the piano twice in one session with an extra fee of £18.

Which area do you cover?

As far south as Skegness across to the Trent, and very occasionally north of the Humber. Because of the distances I have to travel my basic charge does increase the further away from home I get, but I always try to plan a day in a given area to keep costs to a minimum.

When can you tune my piano?

I try to keep my appointments between the hours of 9am - 5pm. I do not generally work Saturdays as that is my only day off! I will try to make you an appointment within 2 - 3 weeks, often sooner.

How often does my piano need tuning?

Your piano needs tuning every six months is the ideal period, but if you are a low user, then once a year should suffice. I send reminder cards to help jog your memory. If you do not respond to the first card, my database is set up to produce them at six monthly intervals. I do give up after three years!

Why does my piano need tuning?

Seasonal changes in humidity and temperature and the passage of time will mean your piano will go out of tune regardless of whether you play it or not. Playing also makes a piano go out of tune.

What about minor faults?

From sticking keys to squeaky pedals or broken strings - most of these I am able to deal with at a normal tuning visit. Copper covered strings take a little longer as the replacement is always made to pattern.